Giving Back, The NEPTUNE Way

Black owned watch brand that gives back

Honesty hour, when I launched NEPTUNE in 2020 I had no plans on giving back. However, seeing people suffer during the pandemic and feeling a strong calling from God I decided this needed to be a big part of the brand. I am all about transparency so let’s breakdown how we give back at NEPTUNE. Each watch provides meals to those in need through 2 foundations. Being based in Dallas-Fort Worth we believe we need to give back on the local level, so we've partnered with the North Texas Food Bank to provide meals to those in our community. On a national scale we've partnered with Feeding America which provides meals to those in all 50 states.

Watch brand giving back to the community

This is only the beginning. At this moment this is the most efficient way for NEPTUNE to give back, but as we grow we plan to also grow our giving back efforts as well. It is so important to help those less fortunate, at the end of the day we are all humans and will all need help in life at some point. NEPTUNE is changing lives through beautiful timepieces.

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